How Did You Learn Best?


Think about when you learned the best. Was it in a class? Was it measured by a test? Or was it when you learned something on your own, or you created something for your classmates, school or family? I know I learned to read because I loved horses and read a myriad of books about horses. I learned about anatomy, (what’s a fetlock?), and I learned a different number base system by measuring things in hands, not feet. I learned about history (Justin Morgan Had a Horse) and about geography. I have never forgotten where Chincoteague is…

The point is I learned this well and deeply as a fourth and fifth grader because I was passionate about learning. Personalized learning doesn’t mean not learning things, but rather, it’s about learning things in a context that is important to you. One of the greatest fears about personalized learning is that kids will “opt out” of math or learning a second language. It is important for us as educators to frame our standards so that they are applicable across a wide range of uses making them truly applicable to our students’ future lives. It is our nature as humans to want to learn, let’s not stifle learning by trying to dictate our students’ passions. How did you learn best? Leave a comment!



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